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Md Asaduzzaman : an exceptional UNO and his activities-Shibcharnews24

  • প্রকাশিত : শনিবার, ৯ জানুয়ারী, ২০২১, ১১.৪৮ পিএম
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Editorial, Shibcharnews24:

Activities seem to be his only pursuit; meditation and knowledge. This work-mad man is working tirelessly from morning till late at night to solve the various adversities of the society as well as to fulfill all the government responsibilities entrusted to him. When a person phone him If he can’t pick up the phone immediately, call back later, ask for the well-being of the people you want to meet, try his best to solve their problems or sufferings, extend a helping hand to poor and meritorious students, helpless and backward people as well as needy.

By establishing the rule of law, he sometimes descends into the muddy canal to evict illegal occupants. According to a source, every year specially in Octobe in the middle of the night he goes to a remote area in Padma river and tried his level best to stop catching mother hilsa fish. Sleepless nights in the service of humanity, and tireless morning-afternoon run whose vows. He is Shibchar Upazila Executive Officer. Md Asaduzzaman .

In his efforts to establish the rule of law, Shibchar Upazila has already gained recognition as a model upazila in terms of transparency. He achieved this excellence due to his talent, honesty, efficiency, humanity, various human qualities including running and solving problems wherever possible.

UNO Md Asaduzzaman is the son of Razapur upazila of Jalokhathi district. Since joining Shibchar Upazila about two years ago, he is going to set an example in performing his duties with utmost devotion. He is working day and night to prevent coronavirus infection. Food aid is being delivered to the homes of helpless and unemployed people.

Working as a front liner with the entire team of the upazila administration, including providing all necessary assistance to the doctors, political leaders and health workers to save life during the Corona period, arranging funerals for the dead, day and night when global disasters strike and general holidays were declared. In turn, he and his team have delivered various types of humanitarian aid collected from government and private initiatives from house to house on behalf of the distressed and helpless people. Of late flood and corona virus hit were ensured all kinds of assistance provided by the government, from cooked food to dried food and cattle feed, mask to the people of flood hit area especially Bandarkhola, shannasirchar, Madbererchar, Charjanajat kutubpur and Kathalbari UP.

He has been in this upazila for near about two year’s . Immediately after his arrival, during the exchange of views with people from different walks of life, it was seen that this fearless, determined and good-natured man has various dreams and innovative ideas which he is set to implement in Shibchar. He wants to make Shibchar one of the top Upazila in the country in the field of art, literature, education and benevolence by the assistance of chief whip of Bangladesh national parliament.

Along with the corona virus, he is risking his life even running endlessly in the remote village of Oz Paragaon thinking of helpless poor and miserable people. To make the public aware, sometimes he is holding a hand mic, sometimes he is holding a broom as a cleaner.

He established the rule of law and protection of civil rights to build a corruption-free country.  just after his joining, Md Asaduzzaman has set an example by stopping all kinds of corruption and irregularities by sitting Fingerprints present of employees of his office .

As a front liner with the entire team of the upazila administration and affected By Corona virus, he never lose his power and will to do something to the people of shibchar.

Although he is the enemy of the selfish insidious quarters in evicting illegal occupants, removing net leases due to obstruction of drainage in canals and beels, cleaning of hats, bazaars, roads and ghats, he has become the confidence of common people by giving birth to one positive incident after another.

Shibchar Upazila Executive Officer. Md Asaduzzaman joined Shibchar on 24 february 2019. By joining, he started breaking the fence of irregularities. He has set an unprecedented precedent by removing illegal net-leases in the flowing canal, evicting illegal occupants, protect child marriage, freeing sidewalks and taking steps for public movement. That is why he has found a place in the minds of ordinary people.


Rafiqul Islam Raza
Editor in chief

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